Walk of Legends: Then and Now (feature documentary)
One's human endeavor to chase it's dreams to push Man v.s. Machine, and Man v.s. science and technology to its maximum limit in order to win. Thus, a series of questions underlies the film. What makes stock car racing the fastest growing sport? Competition?  Speed? Crashes? It's history? Drivers? Fans? What made it soar?

AMAZON: Walk of Legends

Speedland (feature film) IMDB
After a 10 year absence, Ryan Landis returns to his hometown, Mooresville North Carolina to visit his ailing grandfather, only to get caught up in racing, romance and a shocking secret he needs to resolve before he loses everything. 
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Freedom Fighters of NILI (Documentary Feature) IMDB
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Freedom Fighters of NILI tells the forgotten story of a Jewish espionage
network that changed history by assisting the British liberate Palestine from
Ottoman rule during World War I.
* 2013 Bronze Winner - 34th Annual Telly Awards
* Selected for screening - 2014 Sunscreen Film Festival, St. Petersburg, FL 
* Selected for screening - 2012 Portobello Film Festival, London UK

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The Drop Off  (Short)
Jonathan, a 10-year old boy with autism, finds himself abandoned at a park by his mother, while his father is serving overseas.  A policemen finds Jonathan and saves his life.
* Selected for screening, May 2013 - Film Slam, Orlando, FL

MY SPOT (Short)
A yoga practice from another planet. A satirical look at the world of yoga.


NILI Spies - Narrative Feature 
A group of Ottoman Jews living in Palestine during World War I form an espionage network in order to aid the British, in this epic story based on true events.

Sarah, the Heroine of Nili - Stage Play
An adaptation of the famous classic story "Sarah, the heroine of Nili" by Deborah Omar, and translated into English by Leora Chai. Like the book, the play tells the story of Sarah Aaronson, a leader of the Nili organization, a Zionist spy organization, during World War I motivated the group to help the British conquer the land from the Turks.  This is a fascinating story that contains power, adventure, espionage and love, and in the center, is a remarkable girl, unique and brave: Sarah Aaronson. The play highlights Sarah's character as she stood against the people of the colony and their strict customs, and against her fathers' orders to behave "properly." She stood against danger, torture, and fear - yet, she remained loyal and never revealed a thing.

Speedland the series ( Development)
A love story set against the background of stock car racing's most popular series.  Ryan Hennessy, stock car racing royalty, and Rebekah Moore, a mechanic's daughter grow up in the world of racing. Can their love survive at 200 MPH? 

Crossing Seouls
Jenna Holifield, a recently divorced and overworked English teacher connects with Myo Sung - Gin, a hotel worker in Seoul, South Korea.  Each is in despair in different ways, and somehow they both help each other flourish.  (Leora has written the screenplay and will direct the short film in Los Angeles & South Korea).