We want to congratulate the winners, and provide a list of the semi-finalists. It was a tough decision. You were chosen out of over 150 scripts. You will receive a brief script critique shortly. 

How to Submit...

Everyone receives:
The feedback includes a logline, genre suggestion and a small paragraph outlining the strengths and weaknesses of your screenplay. The Feedback is very brief and basic compared to the extensive notes provided with our Coverage Service, which is available for an additional fee.

InkTip: Where producers go for scripts and writers. 

Winners will receive an InkTip Script Listing and have their logline featured in InkTip Magazine so they can promote themselves and their scripts to InkTip’s entire network of producers, managers, and agents. InkTip Magazine is sent to over 15,000 producers and representatives. 

Companies who are InkTip members include: ABC, Anonymous Content, APA, CBS Films, HBO Films, ICM, Paradigm, Paramount Pictures, Hallmark Channel, FX, Universal, WME, Echo Lake, Zero Gravity, Bad Robot, 20th Century Fox, and many more. 

Producers have made more than 365 films from scripts and writers found through InkTip.


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For more information...

1. Send an email to modifiedentertainment@gmail.com 

and send us your NAME, EMAIL, PHONE NUMBER, PDF of your script and competition fee below ($20, $25 or $30).  We will send you a welcome/ acknowledgement of your script and rule verification.


The winning short script will be sent out to our contacts in Hollywood who will consider you for representation or adaptation rights. The winning scripts of each round will also be entered into the annual awards competition for a chance to win a $500 & $750 cash prizes.

Scriptition Screenplay competition is dedicated to discovering new talent by increasing exposure for unproduced short film and feature narrative screenplays. Competition organizers are passionate about the writing process and telling stories, and we are seeking good stories/ scripts to produce. Hence, we started a competition.

Entry Fee:
Early bird: $20 - Until November 29, 2018. 

Student fee: $20 (flat fee regardless of deadline, and must provide copy of valid Student ID)

Regular: $25 - register by December 23, 2018.  

Late: $30 - register by January 2, 2019.

Type: Short Screenplay Competition & Feature Narrative Screenplay Competition

Occurrence: Bi-Yearly

Sponsored By: Modified Entertainment, Inc. (Production Company)

Start Date: 10/03/2018 

Submission Deadlines: 12/23/2018
Winners Announced: 2/4/2019

Year founded: 2017

1. We are an 'ECO FRIENDLY' competition: To reduce waste, only electronic submissions in PDF file format are accepted. Physical submissions are NOT accepted.

2. By submitting your script, you confirm that you own 100% of the rights to the work. If the work's copyright is held by more than one person, the submitter must have the written consent of all other owners prior to submitting. Scripts submitted to the competition must NOT have been previously optioned, purchased or produced at the time of entry.

3. If the entrant, for any reason, prefers NOT to have their screenplay made available to Hollywood professionals for consideration, the entrant is responsible for notifying the competition administrators.

4. Scripts may originate from anywhere in the world. However, the script must be written in the English language.

5. Entrant must be 18 years of age or older. (Entrants between the ages of 13 to 18 may enter with a written letter of consent from a legal guardian.)

6. The script must be less than 40 pages in length to qualify for Shorts, and less than 120 for feature screenplays.

7. Any decisions made by the judges and/or competition administrators must be considered final and cannot be disputed.

8. The competition and its administrators shall not be liable for any typographical errors.

9. Entry fees must be paid in US Dollars and are nonrefundable. The winner is responsible for filing income taxes on any cash prizes that may be received if any is received.

10. Entry must be received by 11:59 PM Pacific Time on the date of the deadline specified.

11. All rights to the submitted material will remain with the entrant. The contest administrators and operators DO NOT claim any rights to the material submitted to the competition.

12. Screenwriters who have had previous feature screenplays produced and distributed by non-independent means are ineligible.

13. Screenwriters who earn their living writing for television are ineligible.​

​14. No refunds. 


The first round of reading is done by individual readers. If your script is advanced to the next round, the script will be read and scored by multiple readers to determine whether it gets into quarterfinals and semifinals.

If your script makes it to semifinals, it will be discussed at the deliberations where readers will determine finalists and winners.

Prizes and Awards:
- Winning scripts sent out to production companies to consider for adaptation rights as well as agents and managers to consider for representation. Modified Entertainment will also look at your script for possible production.

- Entrants into genre specific categories are eligible for awards that recognize the script's achievement within its genre.

- Winners are entered into the annual Short Film Screenplay Awards competition for the $500 cash prize and for the feature $750 cash prize.